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Recent Successes

Attorney James A. Karamanis of The Karamanis Law Group, LLC, has achieved a verdict in the amount of $530,000, in what is believed to be the only Plaintiff’s verdict in the State of Illinois for a wrongful birth case.

The suit was brought against an obstetrician/gynecologist and local clinic for failing to inform a 35-year-old pregnant mother of the risks of having an abnormal child over the age of 35, and failing to offer her amniocentesis testing. The clinic’s physician also mistakenly assessed gestational age at 23 weeks when the age of the fetus was, in actuality, 16 weeks.

If you think you might have a wrongful birth case, contact the Karamanis Law Group, LLC by phone at 312-588-6766 or online, and let our experienced attorneys offer you sound, reasonable advice.


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